Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing)

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Dear business partner,

We would like to inform you that our company SM Strojkoplast has implemented electronic invoicing (e-invoicing). We have, in the sense of our documentation optimization, begun with the electronic issuing and receiving of invoices.
We would like to send our clients invoices via the electronic data exchange (email), in the form of PDF and XML, from our email address racun@sm-s.si(or any other official address). The consent form for the receiving of e-invoices and their delivery to the desired email address can be downloaded here. 
With your return of the filled-out consent form to the email address sm.strojkoplast@sm-s.si all our invoices intended for your company, are going to be issued in electronic form and sent to the desired email address.

If you want to give us your consent to issue and send e-invoices, you can find the consent form at the following link : Download of the consent form

We are looking forward to a continuing successful cooperation with your company.

Best regards.