The company SM Strojkoplast Ltd. has been a producer of electrotechnical, mechanical and mechatronics equipment since 1950. These fields therefore represent the core of our business activity.

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The way our company looked like in the past and how it does in the present

We are a supplier and also research partner of renown international companies HITACHI Energy, International Capacitors (LIFASA), ABB, ENERLUX Power, ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren, KBR Kompensationsanlagenbau, KBR Power Quality Management, Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components, VISHAY Electronic, ZEZ Silko, HYDRA Capacitors and Slovenian companies Eti Elektroelement and Iskra.

The vast majority of the products that we sell are products, which have been developed by us and are being manufactured at our plant in Maribor, Slovenia.

In order to enrich our sales program, we also offer certain special equipment (from other manufacturers) to our clients, which we do not manufacture on our own and is related to the field of our core business. We are therefore representing the companies Partex from Sweden and GLW from Germany.

As the goal of our company is to manufacture and supply our clients with quality products, we are therefore certified according to the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.

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SM Strojkoplast Ltd.

AddressMeljska cesta 47, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Phone(02) 25 27 891
Fax(02) 25 26 432 
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In business since1950
IBANSI56 3300-0000-0398-952, ADDIKO BANK d.d., Ljubljana
Tax identification numberSI18533639
Company identification number5033080
Business activity code27.330