EMS 16 demand switch

Product name : EMS 16 (white)
Product (article) no. : 9126
Packing quantity (pcs) : 1
Dim. in mm (length, height, thickness) : 61 x 90 x 17,5
Rated cross section (mm²) : 2,5
Weight (g) : 63
Rated el. current (A) : 10 / 16*
Rated el. voltage (V) : 230 AC / 50 Hz
Minimal switching load (W) : 1
No. of switching contacts : 1
Maximal switching contact load (W) : 3680 (16A)
Operational temperature (°C) : -20 do +80


* The rated el. current depends upon the type of the load (resistive, inductive) : ordinary lightbulb (16 A), fluorescent lightbulb (10 A), el. motor load (10 A).

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The EMS 16 demand switch is made in accordance with the standard EN 600669-2-1 (SIST EN 600669-2-1) and offers a reliable functionality. It is a special switch, which enables a voltage free state in the conductors, in cases where there is no load switched on.

The delay time after the shutdown of the circuit is max. 1s.
The switch is mounted on a mounting rail 35 mm EN 50022.
An integrated led indicator signalizes when a load is switched on.
The switching contacts can be manually connected in cases of a failure of the switch.
The housing of the switch is made of a self-extinguishing material of the color RAL 7047, in accordance with UL-94 V2.
The protection rating of the switch is IP 10.