Capacitor connection assemblies

Capacitor connection assemblies are important parts of low voltage capacitors – they are mostly installed into power factor correction capacitors (PFC) with the purpose of correcting the power factor (cos φ) of consumers and for various other purposes (for example capacitor banks). They are sometimes also used as an essential part of bigger surge protection devices (for example wind power plants).

SM Strojkoplast produces low voltage (up to 690 Vrms) capacitor connection assemblies for the following reactive power values :

  • 15 – 30 kVAr (PRO 16)
  • 20 – 40 kVAr (PRO 25)
  • 40 – 60 KVAr (PRO 35)

and for capacitors of the following can diameters :

  • 64 mm
  • 75 mm
  • 85 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 95 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 116 mm
  • 136 mm

Depending on the design, capacitor connection assemblies of custom dimensions are also available, upon request.

The brochure of the capacitor connection assemblies with accessories product line is available here.

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The capacitor connection assemblies can be produced with an integrated anti explosion protection (mechanical fuse), which protects the capacitor and the device it is built in from the damages of an explosion (in case of a short circuit), or without.

The connection lamells (insulated and ready for the soldering onto the inner parts of the capacitor) can be either short or long, or of custom length, according to the wishes of the customer.

All of our capacitor connection assemblies are constructed and manufactured in accordance with the IEC 947-7-1 standard.