VS 16 PE

Product name : VS 16 PE (yellow – green)
Product (article) no. : 1590
Packing quantity (pcs) : 50
Dim. in mm (length, height, thickness) : 53 x 55 x 12
Rated cross section (mm²) : 16
Weight (g) : 50
Rated el. current (A) : 70*


The current capacity in accordance with the following table (DIN/VDE 0611 part 3) - extraction.

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Mounting rail 35 NVS 35 9571 / 9092 20
Elastic label EO3 9439 200 pcs (1 PAC)
Elastic label EO4 9444 200 pcs (1 PAC)


The ground terminal blocks VS...PE have a different layout - they are enclosed by insulating parts of green and yellow colour, made from PA 6.6 material. The external dimensions are compatible with all the line-up terminals VS...PA of the same cross-section. With the combined base, which conducts directly from the electric wire to the mounting rail EN 50022, the terminal block is mounted without the need of additional mounting space. The mounting and dismounting to the bar 35 is performed by an inner long screw, which in combination with the spring washer, assures the adequate joint of the terminal block and the rail.